The Human Energy Field

The human energy field is very similar to “Chi” as mentioned in Chinese Traditional Medicine. Everyone has “Chi” and an “Energy Field” surrounding and within their body, comprised of different frequencies and different vibrations.


The Cellular Magnetic Field

The eight systems of human physiology are comprised of the corresponding organs, tissues and cells.
As the basic unit in the human body, the cell is also comprised of molecules and atoms. Therefore, the cell function is related to the overall balance of the magnetic field energy of the molecules and atoms.
When the cells magnetic field experiences disorder, the cells overall energy field will be effected, decreasing cellular function. As a result, the human body will experience a so-called sub-health state.


Water’s Importance to the Human Body

Along with the frequency, magnetic field and energy, water is composed of molecules and atoms. As the substrate of blood, water plays a corresponding role and function when eating and digesting nutrition and disease treating medicines, which are dissolved in water to be delivered to the cells and visceral organs.


Micro-Molecular Group Water

The structural micro-molecular water and high-energy hydrated foods created by the Epiwave App can rapidly activate the magnetic field energy system after entering the human body. This can aid and assist the natural healing process of the body, allowing it to be adjusted back to the optimal state.


Optical Waves and Acoustic Waves

Considering that the Epiwave App makes use of both optical waves and acoustic waves to directly affect water and liquids, the human body will generate stronger repairing and adjustment capacity as these liquids are absorbed by the human body.


The Epiwave Optical Wave

The optical wave is the high-frequency electromagnetic wave which is radiated from molecules and atoms. Therefore, the optical wave can be generated via the accelerated charged particles. The optical wave has the fastest transmission speed in a vacuum, namely, 300,000 kilometers/second, thus, the optical wave is able to quickly affect the liquid and water structure when subjected to the Epiwave.


The Epiwave Acoustic Wave

Music therapy not only plays a positive role in the human body, but it can also promote healthy animals, plants and cells.
The acoustic wave of the Epiwave App produces a “co-frequency resonance” with human organs, tissues and cells. Thus the ordered vibration and activity of cells will be significantly increased. As a result, the viscera and channels will be realigned and the immune endocrine system can be adjusted.


The Biological Optical Wave

The human body is an emitter and receptor of high energy exchange. The body is designed to receive information between nature and biology, therefore, the neural induction system on the surface of skin is just like a tower which is used for biological transmission and energy receiving. The biological optical wave from the Epiwave can make the human body better receive the information via this “channel”.


Bio Connective Resonance Technology

The main tasks of the Epiwave are to rapidly activate the cellular energy and overall energy activity of the human body, which will directly assist in the natural wellness process.


Recent Test Results

Rupert Sheldrake postulated that every living thing is surrounded by a field of energy and information that directly affects the underlying biological entity. This field is known as the Morphic Field.
The Epiwave works through the delivery of specific frequencies and vibrational structures via sound waves and light photons. Tests performed at Mararu Emoto’s Laboratory in Japan showed the following formation of crystal water after exposure to the Epiwave.

Normal Tap Water – No App Applied

Normal Tap Water – After Epiwave Applied


Gas Discharge Visualization

Research conducted by Professor Konstantin Korotkov, Ph.D. in Russia demonstrated that 9 out of 10 people exposed to the Epiwave had a reduction in levels of stress and 10 out of 10 people showed an increase in the area of their energy field as measured by the Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) machine, which is certified as a medical diagnostic device in Russia.